A 501(c)(3) monthly publication



Since the Hague Town Board meets on the second Tuesday of the month, our news deadline is the following Thursday.  Over the weekend all articles are typed, edited, proofread and sent to the Layout Editor who prepares the final draft.  The copy is uploaded online to Staples and picked up on Monday.  On Tuesday, the mailing lists are updated and mailing labels printed. On Wednesday our dedicated crew meets at the Community Center for a couple of hours to staple, fold, seal, label, stamp and sort for mailing.

We have a Board of Directors with seven members; are a 501-C3 organization (donations are tax-deductible); and are tax-exempt.  We carry no advertising. 


To get articles for our publication, we have a reporter at the Town Zoning Board of Appeals, Town Planning Board and Town Board meetings.  We also have regular columns and various organizations send us press releases which we edit and use as space permits. Our readers send us news of interest and items for our “Soundings.”


The Hague Chronicle  has been published every month since January 1972 entirely by volunteers with donations from its readers.  We print about 600 copies (10 pages each) each month. The mail is sent first class to about 200 local addresses and about 400 out of town and about another 200 read the issues online.  We estimate that for just the printing and mailing the paper costs about $1 per issue or $12 per year.  Additional expenses are covered by many of our readers who send us $15 - 25 per year. Capital reserve for equipment replacement is in savings.  The interest on it goes to a scholarship, “Hague Chronicle/Dorothy Henry Scholarship” in honor of our former Publisher/Editor, Dottie Henry.