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What is The Hague Chronicle?
    The Hague Chronicle is a monthly independent journal staffed entirely by volunteers. We currently have a Board of Directors of seven people, and over 25 volunteers to help with publication and mailing. We are an IRS 501 C(3) non-profit and tax-exempt organization.

How many subscribers do you have?
    There are no actual subscriptions, but we send The Hague Chronicle each month to our mailing list of persons who have made a tax-deductible contribution. We will send the publication to anyone who requests it -- the donation is voluntary. We print about 570 copies each month.  Many others read the online version.
How can I read back issues?
    We upload the most recent issue to our website under Current Issue.  All past issues are listed by year and month under Archives.

How much does it cost to receive The Hague Chronicle?
    Since the donation is voluntary, there is no set amount. We have office expenses for equipment and supplies, and publication expenses for printing and mailing. We estimate that the publication expenses are about $1 per month or $12 per year, so that is a suggested minimum donation. Many of our readers send more -- for which we are very grateful.

Where do I send my donations?
    Please send your check, made out to The Hague Chronicle, to:
    The Hague Chronicle
    PO Box 748
    Hague, NY 12836-0748

How will I know when to make my next donation?
    The date that your donation might be expected is printed in the upper left-hand corner of the mailing label. When the date has passed, it will be printed in red as an extra reminder. We need to hear from you so that we know that you want to be kept on our mailing list.  We will publish periodic reminders for our online readers.

How can I get on your mailing list?
    Email us with your name and permanent address. We also send the publication to seasonal and temporary addresses as long as we know a) the address, b) the date that you will arrive at that address and c) the date you leave that address. If your dates are the same each year, we keep that information, and no annual notification is necessary.

What if my address dates change?
    Please let the Publisher know when to change your seasonal address as sometimes the issues are not forwarded by the Post Office. 

What do I do if my label information is incorrect or I don’t receive an issue?
    Contact the Publisher, Judy Stock <>.

Where do I send information for an article or an item for Soundings?
    Send it to Editor Bobbi Bryant Taylor at <>.

What other contacts can I use?
    Contact Publisher Judy Stock:

    by phone: 518-543-6517

    by email: <>

    by regular mail:
    The Hague Chronicle
    PO Box 748
    Hague, NY 12836-0748