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    The Hague Chronicle is written and produced by dedicated volunteers.  Treasurer, Bob Whitaker, collects the donations from our readers and maintains the financial records. Editor, Bobbi Taylor, writes articles and edits all the articles sent by organizations or individuals.  Publisher, Judy Stock, reports on Town meetings and she also oversees all aspects of the publication including printing and mailing. Assistant Editors Pat McDonough and Ginger Kuenzel also write and edit pages as well as serve on the Board of Directors and on the mailing crew.  Layout Editor is Jim Henderson, a long-time seasonal resident of  Hague, who receives and sends all information by email.  Jan Whitaker manages our database.

    The Hague Chronicle is a 501 c(3) tax-deductible organization.  It has a constitution and by-laws and is supported by a seven- member Board of Directors.  The Board members are: Publisher  Judy Stock, Editor Bobbi Bryant Taylor, Treasurer Bob Whitaker,  Secretary Pat McDonough along with Ginger Henry Kuenzel,  Jim Henderson and Jan Whitaker.

​    In addition to those listed above, our staff includes these volunteers who help with mailing and/or special projects: Seddon Beaty, Claire Best, Maureen Cherubini, Mike Cherubini, Lee Dame, Diane Dickson, Enid Engler, Bill Gourley, Judy Gourley, Gladys Graser, Janet Hanna, Jon Hanna, Donna Henderson, Pat Hintze, Mary Keefer, Rudy Meola, Kathi Ramant, Sandy Rypkema, Judy Schultz, Connie Smith, Joan Steitz and Marilyn Turnamian.

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